How we're helping

In an effort to further support the gig-economy during these unprecedented times, Wrapify is working with its brand partners to put even more cash into the pockets of Americans in need by launching the “Delivery Drives Relief” Campaign.

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Wrapify is teaming up with its brand partners to launch an eight week campaign on 1,900 gig-work/delivery vehicles nationwide, including some of the hardest-hit markets** such as Las Vegas, NV, Savannah, GA, and Atlantic City, NJ, to name a few.

Who we're helping

All profits from the Delivery Drives Relief Campaign will go directly into the pockets of participating delivery drivers, in addition to the driver’s earnings that they would normally receive by driving with Wrapify – an estimated $2 million. Brands not only benefit from the out-of-home (OOH) measurement and exposure, they also benefit from Wrapify’s retargeting capabilities to other digital channels including Connected TV (CTV), Mobile and Display.

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